Birch Street Uptown Lounge. - Vintage Cocktails.  Classic Style.
5-star Yelp, Google, and Facebook Reviews (thank you!):
  • Came here for my birthday drink, fantastic attention to detail, amazing beverages.
  • Very chill and a speakeasy feel. Excellent drink menu! Come here whenever I can.
  • This is our favorite local bar. There are always candles and roses on the tables and a relaxing atmosphere. Mixed drinks originate from long ago; the menu gives the date and place where it was first served.
  • The service, food, and the drinks were excellent! Would highly recommend.
  • Delicious cocktails and fabulous service and the live music is wonderful!
  • Came here for a date night with the fiancé. Great service, great food and great options for drinks. We will definitely be back!
  • If you want a work of art served up by real pro at a place that celebrates the era when beauty and bliss were conceived in a cocktail shaker and born in a martini glass, come here.                                                                            
  • Great service, professional staff and they obviously take pride in their drinks. I really enjoy coming here for a drink. I love the interior and feel inside, it's dark and cozy. The perfect atmosphere for a drink with friends.                           
  •  This place is great. Classic music, classic style. My wife and I frequent Birch Street Lounge. The best high end cocktails, great selection of premium liquors, and they even have a good rotation of beers on tap.                           
  • It was a hot summer afternoon when I walked into this bar for the first time. First impression, it was the kind of classy old-school bar that you'd see in 1930's movies, with a secret passage to a members-only high-stakes gambling room, and a basement where shady characters were quickly wheeling in pricey bootleg liquor through the back door.                                                                               
  • The absolute BEST cocktail bar outside of downtown Portland. It's like stepping into 1920's Paris. Classic style cocktails...think French 75, Tom Collins, Monkey Gland...and of course - a perfect Manhattan! Put on some red lipstick and kitten heels. Art Deco is calling. Come here.

  • Amazing drinks in a wonderful atmosphere. Live music Thursday- Saturday makes it even better! The bartenders, waitstaff, and the owner are polite, entertaining, and on point when it comes to their cocktails recommendations. One of the very few bars in the area that have a nice selection for us Gin lovers!

  • There is no classier bar in the world.  The drinks were amazing. I have not had a better Manhattan anywhere in the world. The place was immaculate. The decor and the vibe were amazing. It took us back to how we imagine the 19 thirties and twenties were like. Bartender was super classy and very nice.

  • Such a great bar! Great drinks, great bartenders! Love it! Try the sidecar!
  • Their attention to detail is what separates this place from your regular lounge and their menu shows the well thought out time and effort to what they bring to our local community.
  • ....The Manhattan was the best of its kind that I've ever had.
    Birch Street is clearly focused on one thing (the lounge atmosphere with classic drinks), and they're doing it well. I think that's the right way to do it.
    I love finding places like this. .....
  • Perfect destination for a first date, social gathering with friends, or even a night cap.  Birch Street Uptown Lounge has the old school classic look and feel of a 1930-40's lounge.  Their bartender staff are trained and skilled at the art of cocktail mixology with a flair for the theatrics, appropriate for the era touting a calm and cool yet sharp demeanor.  
  • Great local hang AND live music by some of the areas finest musicians! The drinks were generous and very well done! I'm so glad that Camas has grown into the "little fancy city" that I was hoping it would become. Looking forward to trying the food next visit! Priorities Man!
  • Like a scene out of "Midnight in Paris"...a classic, retro bar. GREAT service, GREAT drinks, GREAT bartender, and GREAT music. I love the vintage atmosphere...truly unique!!! My favorite place for a cocktail in the entire Portland-Vancouver area. Hands down.
  • Beautiful ambiance, amazingly crafted vintage cocktails and perfect service.
  • What a sweet spot! We loved the atmosphere.
  • Arriving in Camas tonight, we were delighted to find Birch Street still serving great drinks and delicious food. The place is small, warmly lit, and very inviting....a visit to by-gone days! If we didn't live 6 hours away, we'd be frequent visitors, for sure!
  • The bartender is an interesting guy. He defines what it is to be a professional at his craft. It is not about the speed. It's the final product done with pride.
  • "What a little gem this place is. We wouldn't trek all the way to Camas from PDX (especially in the rain at night) for a bite and a good cocktail when we can just walk down the street in SE. But this place is worth it for a chance to explore outside your usual haunts....We'll be back for sure."
  • This is just an awesome place. Great menu with lots super cocktails. try something new! the food menu is small but everything on it is very delicious. great place for a date or just to hang out.
  • A classic and classy place. This is a great place for a great drink, quiet conversation and excellent service.
  • ........service with heart, a true passion for the art of mixology. A great place to meet friends and enjoy a drink or two.
  • The drinks and atmosphere keep me coming back. It's a wonderful surprise in downtown Camas and all beverage connoisseurs should go. I enjoy bringing my friends to see their expressions of experiencing Birch Street Uptown Lounge for the first time.
  •  Great atmosphere, dim lighting and perfect for some relaxing conversation with the partner or catching up with some friends.
  •  The cheese and fruit tray was also delicious and I have paid much more for drinks not half as good served by staff not half as nice in places not half as charming.  There is good reason this place is called Birch Street Uptown Lounge and not Birch Street UPtown Bar.   We arrived early but it filled up quickly on a Saturday night.
  •  The drinks are great. The atmosphere is the classiest NY style in Camas. Definitely give it a shot.
  • "Absolutely fantastic! The drinks were wonderful, the service was amazing. Friendly, informative (we learned the lore behind the drinks we ordered, which was just really interesting!), prompt. We just stumbled across the place after having dinner around the corner - and we will definitely be back, and we'll bring friends!"
  • Love, love, love this place!!!!  Love the 'classic' style of everything from the Sinatra music to the hand made cocktails.  The owner and bartenders really know their background of the drinks and the liquor that goes into them.  It's always a little bit of a history lesson when I go.  My all time favorite drink is the house Lemon Drop that they add just a little something extra - St. Germain liquor which is made from elderflower blossoms.  Never have I tasted anything like it.
  • Very old school feel.  Classy, dark atmosphere, colorful people, good drinks, and good convo.  Owner has great stories regarding the history behind the liquors they carry and the drinks they make.  Very fun and educational (not in a stuffy way).  Had a lawyer telling me lawyer jokes as well, and received a good recommendation for a winery to visit next time I'm in Walla Walla.  What more can you ask of a good bar experience?
  • This is my kind of place! There's a great atmosphere. Everything was on point. The lighting was perfect--not so dark you can't see in front of you, but dark enough to add to the mood. The music mirrored the perfection of the lighting in that it wasn't too loud or too quiet; it was just right.
  • The Birch Street Uptown Lounge feels like home. All of the employees I encountered were lovely and they were all very knowledgeable.
  • If you're looking for a place with a little more class, check out The Birch Street Uptown Lounge; great people, great selection, and it won't break the bank.
  • Great atmosphere! Went here with a couple of friends for a few brews and found our new bar of choice! The lighting and big band music playing softly in the background encourages great conversation and the friendly bar tenders were great. Stella on tap!
  • I simply can't believe the quality of this establishment.  I work and live in Camas, so it's nice to have a bar of this caliber nearby so I don't have to drive far to relax a little bit after work.  Fun, but clean and comfortable environment.  This is my new happy hour spot.  Give them a try.
  • Great drinks, great service, great atmosphere. This place is a gem. I would highly recommend to anyone in/near or passing through Camas WA.
  • Birch Street is a fantastic pre-Prohibition era styled vintage cocktail lounge. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this bar in Camas, WA of all places. Cocktails were fantastic; I appreciate the barman's judicious use of Carpano Antico Vermouth. You will find no blenders or appletinis here, only classicly styled cocktails paying homage to a mostly bygone era.
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